En route for Final Year Project Training

So, another degree year’s end approaching, unlike other students who’d have a gala time after exams, all you prospective Final year students, pull up your socks for something really important, PROJECT!There are two ways of doing your project, User Defined Program (UDP) or Industry Defined Program (IDP). Here in UDP, the student chooses the project definition and works on it all by him, and in the latter, the student works in real industry under experts.

We have seen, Industry Defined Program (IDP) is opted by most of the students, as because it gives one proper mentorship and guidance and also giving glimpse of the whole industrial environment, whereas UDP, not being a popular choice due lack of proper directions and understanding of the entire project making process and requirements, and ultimately resulting in not so good Submissions!!

Final Year Project Training Confusion

Students picking on IDP, we know how difficult it is to identify the best company (despite of suggestions, advertisements and recommendations coming from all directions) according to your interests and benefits. Plus it is not about getting the certificate of live training from a company, but always about getting practical knowledge and experiences from experienced mentors and esteemed development teams helping you bridging up the academic and industrial gap.

While making the company choice, you should work on two things – technology/language and company. We strongly recommend student to think ten times before opting for a particular technology or a language. You should not decide on a direction only because your friend is taking that route, or some relative works there or some other lame reason. Rather, you should Google, do market survey, read various articles, search facts and figures and understand the essence of your own interest and then make your choice.

Before concluding, we’d like to share that around 85% of placement and general interviews revolve around your final year Project!

No, we don’t mean to scare you but wish to make you understand the importance of not just the Project but also your selection of the company, technology and definition, as this decision would help you in setting up the building block for your Career.

Think wise, before making your choice.

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